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We brought these bread forms from England.  These high quality Bannetons / Brotforms, or proving baskets are an essential item for the artisan bread baker. They are used to support the dough while it rises (proves) to give it improved structure, before going into the oven to bake. 

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Proving dough is a critical part of making excellent bread. Proving develops flavour and texture.  Proving is an important stage in maintaining the correct temperature in order to support the proving dough as it develops.  Just before the dough goes into the oven, it is tipped out of the Banneton for baking, often onto a Baking Stone or into a bread pan.

When making heavier breads with rye or whole wheat flour, proving in the Banneton or Brotform helpskeep the dough in shape and does not allow the "Flopping" that so often occurs with heavier dough.  These loaves prove evenly and will remove easily from the form onto a hot stone baker without sticking.
Our Bannetons are top quality: they are made from compressed wood-fibre or cane and will last many years.
Fiber Bannetons require only a dusting in flour (usually  rye) to prevent the dough from sticking. Between use: Brush remaining flour from form, stack and store in a clean and dry place. Cane Bannetons may be lightly washed, dried, (can be left in the sun if you choose), stacked and stored.

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