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100% Pure ARAN Knitting Yarn

Sold in 200gm Hanks in 3 ply Aran quality (approx 365 yards)

This is beautiful tradional wool direct from Ireland.  A pleasure to knit Aran Sweaters or Scarves with this quality wool.

Aran Knitting Wool  in Lichen Green, Moss Green, Light Jacob, Mid Jacob & Salmon Red.  More colors to be added soon!

100% pure wool knitting yarn

The 17th-century Mill that manufactures this lovely wool for us, is situated in beautiful Ireland, and has been creating fabrics and yarn from fine wool for over 300 years. Remaining faithful to the traditions of its founders, today's Mill takes advantage of up-to-date weaving technology, marrying tradition with contemporary styling for today's discerning customers in Ireland and overseas.  This mill is one of the last surviving traditional woollen mills still manufacturing. Established over 300 years ago to alleviate local poverty, the mill drew on the adjacent river for the power to drive its machinery and the water to wash and dye its wool. The mill was bought the Eadie family in 1904 who had previously been in the woollen manufacturing business for many years in Fermangh and Scotland and continues under the fourth generation of family ownership to this day. The mill is set in a rural location with many of the three hundred year old buildings still standing and functional



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