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All Natural Soaps

Our soaps are handmade using Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Rainwater as the main ingredients.  Our soaps are Fragrance Free. This means that no artificial (synthetic) fragrances have been added to the soap.  Artificial fragrances are one of the most potentially harmful ingredients we encounter and are linked to many health issues  With our “Fragrance Free” items, you do not have to worry about any nasty synthetics. Nothing has been added to remove the natural scents from the butters, oils, and other natural ingredients in the products.  You may smell some of the product’s ingredients such as the olive oil or coconut oil.  ESSENTIAL OILS used in our soaps contain no synthetic ingredients  .An ESSENTIAL OIL  is derived from a fruit, leaf, root, stem and/or flower. It can be steam distilled or cold pressed. Some companies use solvents to extract their oils. We ensure that we do not use oils that have been through this solvent process.  We Care about our Soap..Our family uses this soap too!