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You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch

You’re A Mean One Mr Grinch

I love this time of year, Christmas music playing, fresh baking coming out of the oven. It's the perfect time to try out those new cookie recipes you have been saving up to try. This weekend was no different for us. We decided to try out a new cake cookie recipe that was perfect for the Christmas season. Grinch crackle cookies, with a little red heart that is three sizes too small. They will be the hit to any last min cookie party you have to go to this year, and they are easy!

Grinch cookies
1 box of white cake mix
1 stick of butter
2 tbs of oil
2 room temp eggs
Green food colouring
Mix all of these ingredients together. Your batter will be very thick, don't worry this is normal. Pre heat your oven to 375. Mix 1/4cup of icing sugar and ¼ cup of corn starch together on a deep plate or in a bowl big enough to roll cookies in. Using a cookie scoop, scoop your batter into the icing sugar mixture and roll into a mall evenly coating it in your mix. Place on cookie sheet approx 1 inch apart. These cookies spread but not too much. Bake for 9 min. While cooking make a sugar paste ( icing sugar and a bit of water ) to stick some heart sprinkles or some red royal icing to make red hearts on each cookie. We chose to use some Wilton heart sprinkles, due to ease of letting a toddler help. No matter which way you decide to go once the cookies are cooked stick or ice red hearts on them.
These cookies are easy, yummy, and a great crowd pleaser. This isn't a big recipe only makes about 3 dozen and they freeze well so if you don't plan on sharing, you don't have to.

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