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Stonz Swimwear.... by Chelaynne

We are fortunate to live on an Island surrounded by picturesque beaches, therefore  I know we are not the only family that enjoys some fun in the sun. This is our first summer living here on the sunny, pardise coast and we can't wait to spend our weekends exploring the beaches of Gabriola Island. With  two kids the options and ideas of sun protection seemfar more important now than when it was just me to look after. With all of the outdoor plans already coming into play I have had to start taking inventory of what is needed for the girls in their summer sizes. Sun hats CHECK, more than one sun hat is usually needed haha. Beach towels CHECK. Sand toys CHECK, Sun Protection.....NEED STILL, Swim suits CHECK.

Stonz makes an amazing swim suit and two piece swim suit for kids aged 6 months to 6 years. They have a beautiful 4 way stretch, adjustable waist closures on the boys trunks, and two way zippers on the one piece suits. Best of all they have UPF 50 protection manufactured right into the material. Theyare made this way by weaving the protection into the material instead of coating it after it is mad.  This helps with the durability of the sun protection. When fabric protection is merely coated onto the material, every time you wear it and wash it, and have it exposed to sun and water it slowly wears away. Yes everything does this, and when it is just a coating you will get patches of wear that will have no sun protection versus a longer and more even wear and protection. 

This is why when sun protection should be our number one in long hot summers spent at the beach.  As a concerned mom and wanting the best for my kids. I choose STONZ.

We are proud to carry STONZ sun protection clothing in our Colleen's Store.

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