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Stonz and why I love Chelaynne

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Lets talk about Toddlers here for a second. As you know from my previous Blogs, I have a six month old and a two and a half year old born in May. We previously lived in Alberta where the winters are long and cold,  Our first born started walking just before her first birthday but the weather was not conducive to outdoor activities for a toddler.  It was still cole and we experieced on and off snow daysl. When she started learning to walkI I wanted her little feet to have the most possible contact with the ground, for healthy foot development, even when we were outside. In nice weather, in our own yard I would never put shoes on her.  She was my "Barefooted Bumpkin", as i like to call her still. Nothing fazes her feetto this day  and that's exactly how i wanted it. I believe that it is not only more healthy to have the contact with mother nature but it is easier for them to learn how to walk with out a big rubber sole between them and the earth...better balance, better posture etc..  This all makes sense.......Until it SNOWS....  .hmmmmm now what?.  I needed something warm.  I researched  Robbies and Jack and Lily, who both  make booties, warm but I needed  a waterproof feature, enough for her to actually go out and build a snowman. I had no idea that anything existed, so we had a few leather and fur booties that we traded between so that they had ample time to dry out. 

Then I discovered Stonz, they are the perfect boot for the early walkers (or used as pram booties for younger babes) and they have rain boots for the older children.  Stonz are a waterproof bootie that can use with or without Stonz warm fleece liner.  There is no heavy, thick sole, just a nice flexible rubber base so toddlers have contact with the ground and have better balance. The base sole is a thin reinforced rubber material to protect the little feet from any object that may be underfoot. They have safe toggle draw strings so that they both stay on yet cannot be pulled off in the car by the toddler.  These wonderful boots keep snow and puddle splashes out. They are the perfect boot for those early walkers and can be warn for at least a year or two.

The bigger sizes are also perfect for slipping over those little dress shoes on rain heavy days to get my toddler from the car and through splashing puddles on the way to an event but with out having to officially change shoes. Reasoning with a two and a half year old that, Yes, she can wear her sparkle shoes but she can't wear them outside... is an argument I always seem to lose because she doesnt understand why she can wear them but cant.  So check our Stonz, they are a mothers life saver, and are an amazing, quality product!!! We love them and so should you.  CREATED BY A VANCOUVER MOM!!!!

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