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Quick Cake Ideas .........from Chelaynne

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When you have kids and come from a big family there are always Birthdays to be celebrated, and sometimes they sneak up on you and you don't have time to make something from scratch. This isn't always a bad thing. Take the pressure off and let someone else make the cake for you.

One of my kitchen must haves though is Wilton cake accessories. This weekend we needed a monster cake for my Grandfathers birthday. He is always running around with the kids being the loud roaring monster, so a monster cake was only fitting. However when you pick a theme that isn't in season or style it is very hard to find the accessories that you need to make something quick and easy. This weekend we picked up a cake from Country Grocer, some Wilton googly eye sprinkles and some already made and coloured Wilton icing tubes. on the icing swirls the stores put on their cakes we made little dust bunny looking monsters. My toddler was able to help and put the eyes on each one and there you have it. Monster cake fit for any adult size monster. Having Wilton on hand makes things quick and easy that are not usually quick and easy. They make decorating with a toddler even easier, and it gives you more time to be creative. Get out of the kitchen and enjoy your day while having Pintrest ready desserts with out muddling through all those potential Pintrest fails. 

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