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Why we make our own Soap…First Generation by Colleen

I am constantly reading and researching information on the dangers of chemicals we are exposed to daily in our home and on our skin. I have read many alarming reports on the dangers of ingredients in soaps (something we all use several times a day) as well as lotions and other in cosmetic products. Do not assume the ingredients on any label are safe for you to put on your skin, the largest organ in your body. Research will show you the number of hormone disrupters, carcinogens and irritants that are contained many of the products you use on your skin. As a mother, grandmother and great grandmother I want to see my family grow and live long healthy lives. I discovered that we can have the products we need and use, without the added chemicals and health threats, so I began my quest with soap making. Our “Colleen’s Own Soap” is clearly labelled with all ingredients. The base for all our soaps is Coconut Oil, Olive Oil. We will gladly provide a detailed description of every ingredient listed on our soap or lotion labels.

have ingredient review summaries, the industry safety panel notes concerns over potential impurities for about one of every 10 ingredients assessed.
Impurities are readily absorbed through the skin and accumulates in organs, such as the liver, bladder,

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