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I am not a brand conscious mom. Quality and content are my focus. So as a cloth diapering mom, the cloth diaper brand doesn't influence me. I like the pocketed diaper style but that is my only preference. I have cotton inserts, hemp inserts, other random blend inserts, and yes they work. They successfully do their job……. “During the Day”. My daughter, from a very early age, started sleeping 6-8 hours during the night. Now for a new mom this is amazing and a great thing to celebrate! For my goal to do 100% cloth diapers all the time, this wasn't so good. No matter how many inserts I put in the pocket and what combination of materials I did, when my daughter woke up in the morning, she had always leaked out. The reality that I may have to use disposables at night quickly set in. It was not sitting easy with me to accept the fact that I was using a more natural diapering system during the day and saving money with cloth diapers, and then going against this with costly, disposable diapers at night. With owning so many cloth blend inserts it suddenly occurred to me that the material blend of inserts may be the issue, so I set out to find what I could change to make the best liner possible. I believed this was possible, although not entirely sure how at this time, but did my research and called a family conference.
When we decided to created our healthy, practical cloth diaper and liner, our choice to use cotton and bamboo came from a passion of wanting the best, pure materials and blends for babies diapers. Babies bodies are so pure, so sensitive. We set out with the main objective to find something as natural and moisture wicking as possible. Once I was convinced we had the right materials for the liners, then the diaper to hold the liner was my next focus. This is was the easier of the two projects and there were amazing, colorful, patterned outer fabrics to choose from.
The Truth is in the Test
Of course when your first prototypes, one huge box filled with adorable diapers, arrives you are as excited as a kid on Christmas. However when I started using them it was more than the “cute cloth diaper butt” that I loved. Immediately I set out to perform the “tough test, and use our new cloth diapers at night. So I left the cloth diapers on over night and much to my surprise, there was no leaking. None what so ever! It was amazing! The cotton and the bamboo liner combination works so well together and with just two liners in the pocket they work well for my two year old. We have tested this and our diapers have had the opportunity to give her up to 10 hours of leak protection. In my opinion these are the most successful, healthy cloth diapers I have ever used. My daughter isn't an extremely heavy wetter but they sure work great for us. I am pleased and proud that we pursued designing our new line of diapers and liners. Please give them a try. I know you will be very happy with the results.

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