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Mothers Day From the Heart and the Hand

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Mother's Day is celebrated differently all over the world. With my heritage being both English and Irish I wanted to really look into the history of Mothers Day and both Irish and English as well as discover Canadian traditions.
The tradition of Mother's Day dates back to medieval practices when children from poor families were sent to work as apprentices or servants to the rich. Once a year, in the middle of the month of Lent, the children were given a day off to go worship in their mother church, or the church they were baptized in. After church they would go home and visit their mothers, usually picking wildflowers for mom along the way. This history is why Mother's Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday in the month of Lent in Ireland. Canadian Mother's Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May because, after not being widely celebrated for years, Mother's Day celebrations were revived after World War II..
Despite mothers being honored and celebrated on different days in different countries, they are still celebrated like Canadian mothers, with flowers, cards, and breakfast in bed.
Being a mother of a sassy two year old princess, a three month old Yorkie puppy and awaiting the birth of our second daughter in a few months. I am certain I am not the only mom that loves the fact that once a year, I can guiltlessly…. attempt to sleep in, not yield to the call of house work, and delight to the breakfast made for me. I treasure the home made gifts and cards that my husband and daughter created together.
With having a young riser in our house, (me being less of a morning person than I used to be) it means I have to leap to the task before that wonderful first cup of coffee. Thankfully my husband enjoys taking control of the first meal of the day. As well, he finds ways to help entertain and include our daughter in the process. Yes, it called being “Spoiled”.
Over this next week I will be testing and compiling ideas, recipes and tips to help you and your little and not so little ones celebrate moms. My theme is from the Heart and Hand, based on ideas and gifts that come from the Heart and Hands, not the pocket book. Love and Giving. So let's get started!!

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