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Mothers Day Craft and Gift Ideas

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Mothers Day Craft and Gift ideas

Every mom loves the home made cards and crafts that come from our little ones. They help mark and track growth and mile stones and well as what the children enjoyed at the time. Now we are all guilty for hoarding everything from foot and hand prints to their colouring pages (with one blue line on it) because they gave it to us in their proudest moment. However I try to encourage things I can put on display and then easily store. So this Mother's Day craft is a precious keepsake, easy to do, fun for the little one and “From the Heart and Hands”. We decided to do finger and hand prints in salt dough for this coming Mother’s Day. These are great fun and kids of all ages can participate (even Dad) and they can be creatively coloured or painted after, which all kids love too. I enjoy finding things that are easy for the children to make, but I like the end result to be very artistic and personal. These Foot Print or Hand Stones can be used as a lovely house decoration by simply putting a hole put in them to hang them. The make lovely Christmas ornaments or may even be worn as jewellery. I don't mind putting little finger print flowers or whatever shape I'm using out in a planter however if they are exposed to rain and moisture they may not stay solid unless they have had a water protector applied. The recipe I use is ½ Cup of salt, ½ Cup of flour and ¼ Cup of water. You mix these ingredients together until you have a play dough consistency and then imprint whatever you want or cut out with a cookie cutter. When your little designer is finished, put the items on a cookie tray, lined with parchment paper and bake at 200F for 3 hours. They may need to bake a little longer if your imprints are on the thicker side. Once cooled these can be painted or coloured as you choose and then they are ready to gift “From the Heart and Hands”.
For the older kids or teens, knitting dish cloths or towels is a great homemade gift for Mom, truly from the Heart and Hands, with little expense It's easy to buy some fun coloured cotton yarn from #Michaels (such as Bernat® Handicrafter® Cotton (1.75 oz./50 ga.; 80 yds./73 m) Yarn) and a couple 6 mm knitting needles and teach yourself to knit. There are so many easy to follow videos on YouTube and it won’t be take long before you are knitting away. I myself am a self taught, slow knitter yet it takes me only a few hours to knit a dish cloth, however it's an easy evening project to do while I am watching TV. Another great gift idea, perhaps not for this Mother's Day but a lovely handmade gift, is to purchase nice soft wool from Michaels and cast on stitches to knit a project approximately six inches wide. You can easily knit a scarf with just a basic knit stitch. If you start now you can easily have a lovely scarf made for Mom or even Grandma by Christmas.

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