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Let's Talk Mohair

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By Third Generation- Chelaynne
Colleen’s Home, Fashion & Designs has recently met with manufacturers of beautiful, luxurious mohair blankets and is excited to feature them in our store. Mohair is a silk like fabric made from the hair of angora goats, and is made up of mostly keratin. A scaled protein found in hair of all mammals. Wool is also made up of majority keratin, however unlike wool, mohair scales are under developed which is why it is softer. Mohair is also a very durable and resilient material which is why it became used in blends of wools and other materials. Mohair blended fabric has a history in men's suits as well as blankets and children's clothes, and is now also very popular as an additive to various fabric blends for a silky fuzzy finish.
Some of our mohair blankets are brought in from Foxford Mills in Ireland. Which was established in 1892 by the Irish Sisters of Charity, Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard along with the help of businessman John Charles Smith. In this region of Ireland in 1892there was very little work for the locals and the sisters recognized this need. They built the mill along the River Moy. This gave the local families hope and an opportunity to start rebuilding their lives after the great famine that devastated the County of Mayo in previous years. In 1908 the mill, which by then was an economic mainstay for this region, sadly burnt down. Prior to the fire, the mill employed 220 people and had through the years let to great improvements within the entire community. Thankfully the strong willed community was able to come together and rebuild the mill. Again, the mill had been saved by the hard work and loyalty of the community.
Purchasing from companies that strive to support local farms, businesses and employ locally is what Colleen’s is all about. We currently have three generations involved in our business and we jointly practice and believe that through our personal and business values and ethics our family business will contribute to our community. We are very proud to carry our own brand of diverse products made or, designed and made, by each of these generations. Although it is not always possible to find products made locally or even within Canada, we strive to find and purchase from vendors who have similar values and practices. We are constantly seeking companies that have the same foundation as we do. We believe families working together with other families builds great communities, and we not only want good community with our patrons but with our suppliers as well. We have visited several mills in Ireland where our products are manufactured. We have met the wonderful family units behind the items we are pleased to offer and, over the years, continue friendships with these lovely folks.
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