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Just returned from a month in Ireland.....just to take you on a shor tour with us..... more about the new in store products and clothing we found in my next blog

Beautiful Belfast

Following a famous Irish Breakfast, we took a Sunday morning  walk along the never ending beach, then into town for a walk along the seawall.  A wonderful discovery was the market at the waterfront in Belfast.  The aroma of fresh baking met us as we parked some distance away.  The fresh veggies, preserves, sewing, books and ethnic foods were in abundance.  There were literally butchers, bakers and candle makers.  The baking booths were of course our favorite. At least one included a large tent complete with commercial oven, producing fresh bread barely quick enough to meet the demand.

It appeared that all of Belfast was out and about.  The breakwater walkway was full of walker, joggers, mums with prams.  We ventured into town, and again the world was out walking.  Strange as it may seem, our car “magically” transported and parked at the Guinness Factory and Museum.  We took the tour of the seven floors of interesting and informative displays. The making of the beeer casks, by hand, was facinating.  You can guess the reward when you made it to the 7th floor!Here

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