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In A Moms Chelaynne

In a Moms kitchen you always have to have copious amounts of dish cloths, and tea towels. You have the cute ones that sit on the hook or on the handle of the stove, you have the ones that are for kids, and those just for pots and pans. Each and every one serving a purpose in your life. Its a analogy of the many things moms juggle in life, each one needing a cloth. 

When things go awry though it doesn't matter which one you grab, you just grab the first one you can get your hands on. Today I needed at least two to make it through a mess quickly enough that the dog, toddler, and baby didn't make the mess even bigger.....BATTER SPLATTER!!!! 

Its funny when it happens in the movies, but.... they aren't the ones cleaning it up. Today we were making banana bread and we are almost done, just about to add the semi melted butter. As per usual I start to bake and realize there isn't enough butter pre softened,so I have to take frozen butter and put it in (my lifesaver) my Cuisinart Steam Oven to melt. At least that what I tell myself, because I seem to  always take it out too soon and it still has that big butter clumpl in the middle. Well, regardless "Plop" into the mixing bowl it goes. I turn on the stand mixer and just like in the movies it moves, oh yes, it moves.... more than what you want it to......banana bread batter everywhere! 

OK everywhere is a bit of an exaggeration, I did not loose half the contents to the floor, ceiling, or all over the dog. I did however have a tidal wave of batter leap out of the mixing bowl and go all over the innocent baby sitting in her chair eating a snack.   oooops sorry Hadleigh!   and then drip, drop onto the floor, down the counter........

I did what most moms would have done and sprang into action, trying to wipe up as much as I could, faster than the dogs tongue. All while the two kids just sat there and watched, not knowing what happened. When I used all the kitchens clean damp cloths and finished wiping the last drop off of the babies forehead. All I could do was sit there and laugh, then I thought about how I really should have taken a"Before" picture.  But this is a GREAT bananna bread recipe and I will post it next week for you to enjoy.  Whoops, I think I missed a spot,  My two year old's sock is stuck to the floor ....

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