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Good Pots Are A Big Deal.........By Chelaynne

We all spend allot of time in the Kitchen, weather you are the one cooking or not. The kitchen is the main hub of the house. Its not just a place where food is prepared and sometimes eaten, it is also the place where people go to chat and to hang out and to feel comfortable. We base our selves and our lives around food now a days, it is a comfort an easy going thing to center friendships around. So why do you not have good pots and pans? 

I am sure every one understands the importance of good tools. No matter what your profession or passion is, you want good quality tools. So let me headline a few of our new pots and pans features to help you make an educated choice for your next new pots and pans set. 

Recently we picked up pots sets from Breville, Ruffoni, Anolon, and Hestan. These are all amazing companies but each set has a special something that sets them apart from one another.

Hestan: The Hestan NanoBond pans are hand crafted in Italy. The molecular titanium used makes them is 1000x more brilliant in colour and shine than stainless steal and 4x harder as well. making it stain and scratch resistant, leaving it looking bright and shinny for years to come. These pots and pans are amazing to cook on with their environmentally friendly non stock coating as well as easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. 

Breville: Their thermal pro pots and pan set is an amazing tri ply constructed cook wear, with a warp resistant base. The unique rolled edged rim protects the internal layers and makes pouring easy and mess free. These pots are oven and broilers safe up to 500F and dishwasher safe, with a lifetimes warranty through Breville themselves. 

Ruffoni: These copper heirloom quality cook wear is hand made in Italy. The thick solid copper allows heat to spread evenly and uniformly across the bottom and up the sides of the pan. These pans are solid, practical, and easy to clean, with a hand hammered exterior these pots are perfect for oven to table use and on all heating elements except induction.

Anolon: Their slogan is " some things work better with circles" Their patented system features a series of raised non stick circles on the surface of their pans. This reduces the amount of contact with your cooking utensils and minimizes surface abrasion which in turn maximizes durability and exceptional non stick surface. These pans have a great non stick performance and are extremely durable giving you a lifetime of use.

I hope that all this knowledge was helpful however if you want more help in finding the perfect cook wear for your lifestyle and kitchen then please feel free to reach out both online and in store. Although we do not have these products on our website we would love to help find the cooking utensils to help in your kitchen lifestyle. No matter if it is a KD and hotdogs kind of place or a gourmet experience for your friends.

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