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As you know I am proud of Colleen’s and my wonderful family that are part of the business in so many ways.  I have introduced some of them to you in my blogs, and through their blogs on the web page, however today I am very excited to share with you the news about my brother Dale.  He has submitted one of his songs to The CBC Searchlight  contest.  Dale (honestly, without any big sister pride or prejudice) is an extremely talented song writer, singer and musician.

Since his submission, he has received wonderful support along with a couple of questions about the song etc, and also a request for an Mp3 file, so I thought I'd pass on his responses.   The following are  Dale’s own words, telling the background of the song, its recording and a few snippets about this great brother of mine…………yes he mentions the guitar mom and dad bought for me…well I still cannot strum a note, but he is such a natural.  When he  talks about writing his first song on my guitar, I must tell you this was without a single music lesson or voice lesson….. well he may have the talent but my sister and I got this great HAIR !!!!!! 


Black Car was written in September of last year. I have a digital recording studio in the nether regions of our house, and it is always set up and ready to go, so that if I get an idea for a song I can start laying tracks down before the idea slips away.

Some songs are a struggle, but this one tumbled right out, and I had a good bed recorded in probably 1/2 an hour.

I've been writing and recording all my life, and have gone through every form and method of recording, from the breakthrough "Sound on Sound" 2 track, to 4 track tape, 4 track cassette, 8 track Reel to Reel, Stand alone digital workstation, and finally , computer based Digital Audio Workstation or DAW.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to record in this realm.

But the learning curve never stops, and writing songs, and recording songs, are two totally different skill sets.

Although I play in a band, it's pretty tough to expect everybody to drop everything and come to record on a moments notice, just cause I'm having an inspirational seizure ,  so I play all the instruments in this version.

It's what I consider to be a straight forward simple rock and roll song, so it has Drums, Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, and some hocus pocus tracks of doubling and delay to thicken it up. I also self Mastered this, which is the last thing you do to recordings to make them sound reasonable on most audio systems. If there is one area where I have a lot of learning to do, it is definitely mastering.

But when you think of it Colleen, we were always musical. I remember singing 3 part harmony to Sugar in The Morning with you and sister Sharon. I remember the first guitar that they bought for you. The strings were so far off the neck it was like playing a barbed wire fence. But I wrote my first song on that guitar. Somehow I figured out how to play an Em, and an A-maj chord with my thumb, and cobbled it into a song. I still remember the *#%*  thing!


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