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Cloth Diapers

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Cloth Diapers
There are many brands and styles of cloth diapers available, now that cloth is becoming popular again. I have a long list of different kinds of cloth diapers, styles, fabrics and statements of how close they are to disposable diapers. The closest appears to be the “All in Ones”. They literally are all in one. Everything is in one piece, and you have nothing to do except wash and wear these diapers. Pocket diapers are two steps away, this is the style that we at Colleen’s have choose to have made and offer to moms. We did our homework, plus having a baby in the family wearing cloth diapers, and put the theories to the true test. We believe our design is very good because you can use it from newborn up to about 35 lbs. Our diapers come with plenty of snaps on the front so you can adjust to the size of the baby. You can also customize how absorbent you need the diaper to be. If you have an older baby, a heavy wetter or need for night time use, (instead of having to buy Day and Nighttime diapers) you merely use an extra insert or two. Our liners are bamboo and we believe that this is best next to baby’s body. Three steps away from the disposable diaper is the “All in 2” or the fitted cover diapers. Both styles are very similar. You have an outer layer with a place where your insert either snaps into place or the insert is just placed in the liner. This isn't bad, however it's harder to add more inserts if needed, as they can shift and possibly leak but mostly may be uncomfortable. Last but not least, four step away is the pre fold and cover and the fifth step is the flat and cover. These diapers involve you to putting on a cloth diaper that doesn't have a waterproof layer and fasten and then you put on a water proof layer and do that up as well. These are nice because you can adjust layers and folds and such, however there is a lot more pre work and it takes twice as long to put on because you are putting on two diapers and you have twice the amount items to wash.
Now don't be discouraged but you have one more choice to make and that's what kind of inserts to use. You can get cloth inserts in literally any material blend you can imagine. This is a very personal decision and it all depends on your baby and its needs. Colleen’s Own has created a cotton and bamboo blend for our inserts because personally I find it the most versatile material. Cotton and bamboo are good for the sensitive baby bottoms, and are very absorbent. When looking at materials you need to consider absorbency not just because it's a diaper but because you don't want leaks and you don't want to have to stuff them crazy full so that your baby can't move in their giant diaper.
I encourage everyone considering cloth diapers to really do their research and find the best option that fits you, your time, budget and fulfills what you want out of your cloth diaper experience. Pocket diapers are personally my favourite. “Tried and Proven”.
Just remember cloth diapering is really very easy and I believe it is much better for baby, you and the environment.

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