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Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diaper knowledge

Two and a half years ago, after my husband and I found out we were expecting our first daughter, the question of disposable or cloth diapers came up. Initially my wanting to use cloth diapers was based on the cost effectiveness. I had a friend that clothed her babies and was willing to pass onto me her cloth diaper collection to help get me started. The start up cost, thanks to her generosity, was almost $0. The more research we did, the more I was convinced as was my husband that this was the way to go. Yes cloth really is more cost effective, especially if you can get good pricing to get your collection started because most, if not all of your cost is at the onset. There are other deciding factors that made cloth our choice such as environmental and possible health effects of disposables next to baby’s skin. We will touch on these in another blog.
Despite what you may hear from others, cloth diapering is not difficult nor is it time consuming. Let me dispel some of the misconceptions about cloth diapers:
1. You need special soap……, which of course will be hard to find and perhaps expensive. One popular soap with moms appears to be Tide Original Powder Soap, which can be purchased at Costco in an economy size that will last months. There are many excellent washing detergents on the market today that wash well, are environmentally friendly and have basic ingredients. This is a very personal choice
2. You need to pre soak your diapers before you wash them. This is not a necessity, we use a charcoal vented pail to put all our soiled and wet diapers into and smell is not an issue. I wash my diapers every 3-4 days and the pail stays in my daughter’s room with no smell, and my diapers very rarely have staining. A very important note to remember is to never use stain removing sprays or treatments on your cloth diapers. If you do have stains the sun is the best remedy and another great money saver!
3. They are difficult to use and not as easy as disposable. Usually this statement is followed by ….”Especially when traveling”. I am not sure why the common thought is that that cloth diapering is difficult. It is really no different than disposable; you have to bring diapers, you have to bring wipes, you have to pack and bring your diaper bag. The one difference is that you bring a wet bag (a laminated material, zippered bag ) to put your used diapers into. They don't take up any more room than when they are clean, and no they don't make your bag smell because they are in a laminated bag that is washed each time you wash your diapers and they usually have either a zipper or draw string closure to keep any odours inside. You also need to remember you are not carrying around soiled diapers, as you will dispose of ….. if I can say it……….poop (ha ha) before you put your cloth diapers into your wet bag and disposable wipes will also have been discarded.
The best support, knowledge and trouble shooting website I have found is they can help you narrow down the best soap, and the best wash settings for your washing machine. Stay tuned for more cloth diaper knowledge and love as we get ready to launch our new Colleen’s Own Cloth Diaper Line.envir

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  • hilary hallam on

    I’m interested in buying some of your cloth diapers. My daughter has plenty of inserts.
    Is each one $18.99? It doesn’t make it clear on the webpage.

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