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A Gift of Balsamic Vinegar, Cracked Pepper & Strawberries or perhaps Whiskey Bacon Jam

Today I was Gifted……..

Today I received a wonderful and personal gift.  A lovely, talented, and very humble lady came into Colleen’s store and gave me a gift bag and said it was a little gift “Just Because”.   I truly had no idea what the gift might be but, with the curiosity of a cat and the speed of a gazelle I whisked the tissue from the top of the bag and took out a Recipe Book.    Now this truly is not any ordinary recipe book, but one that I imagine is coveted by the experienced in the kitchen, the fearless of a drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar and fresh cracked Black Pepper over your Strawberries, the undaunted who whip up Whiskey Bacon Jam or Apple, White Cheddar Cheese and Raisin Pie.   This is an amazing collection of her favorite, tried and true recipes in its “Second Printing”!   I opened the lovely white bound book assuming, (quite rightly so), these were some of the recipes of elegant dinner parties….but I also found, much to my delight, that these were well explained recipes with ingredients that did not have to be sought far and wide and the ingredient lists were often very short AND I actually had most ingredients in my kitchen.   Pictures accompanied many of the recipes along with little personal stories and recipe notes.    This book would be a treasure to own or gift to someone special.  Personally it will now be on the top of my list for Wedding Gifts for new couples.  You cannot open this book without wanting to immediately don an apron and begin slicing, dicing, whipping and baking.  I am hoping with a little nudging I can perhaps persuade the creator of this gem to attend my store and have a book signing, although it may be the 3rd Print, as I can only assume that #2 is in short supply.  My next blog will let you know about the signing, the timing of the availability of the books, and with permission, perhaps a tease of one or two recipes.  If you would like further information in the meantime, please let me know

Until my next blog….. Bon Appetit


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